Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sanding and bring on the color-Class today

 In the photo, Kathy's hands, Joanne, Sandy, Bonnie and Kenette. 

 Carol's hands, Judy, Gail, and Cindy
 We used maps and applied gesso to the surface, allowing some of the map to show but not all. Gail, Cindy and Jeanmare.
 Bonnie is busy spreading the gesso and Kenette is sanding the magazines.

Judy and Carol...content with their creating..

Questions asked.... Respond so individual

Where, inside you, does your art come from? 

I for one don't think it's been about coming from the inside only...
what if it's a reception of image, sights, sounds and tastes along with touch that kind of 
some up a personal response to a inner and outer parts of us that we then extend outwardly and we problem solve to make it a whole, a piece of our personal reaction and receptors to life. 

This question has been asked in many circles I've been in...and I think what is important is as an artist that you know personally more so then anything else. Do you know where it comes from in you?  Not one right direction answer.  And that's the cool part as we-human being continue to address our life's lessons and propose we grow with this knowing of where it comes from.  

I also think it evolves as we do....Every changing keeping us aware and attuned to our truths as being on this one big good earth....let us continue to creatively be in and on our spiritual journeys. 

Good Paths on this Earth
36 x 36 
Collage on Canvas, 
In honor of Earth Day, Sunday April 22nd 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Service Work-process work,

After walking the dogs in the morning with the sun popping out between the clouds I could help but think of a spiritual being in my life.  The air was cool and crispy but as I walked I look up and soaked in all the sun was offering.  I know Earth Day is Sunday April 22nd, Here's a Link- Earth Day 2018 

Each year and through out the year too, I pull out the mud boots, protective gloves, and my hoe, to walk the waters edge of the cattail basin across my street.  Our neighbors also do this and clean up as much as they can. Some times the water is to high and don't want to injure anyone.  

I collected two bags of trash that gets blown and tossed in through the winter months. 

I let the hair flow and be wild in the winds and the thoughts are on the Good Great Earth we live on. 

Cleaned up and went to the studio up stairs to see if I could complete a piece for my class I started, Collage: Line and Simple Shapes.  I wasn't sure if I liked it when I started, mainly because I'm bring other artists design styles in with my this is new territory.

This piece Blue Bells will be matted and framed in a black frame today.  I used a limited palette and combine Piet Mondrian and some repetitive shapes though far from Frank Lloyd Wright and my own style of collaging.  The back ground paper is an engineer plans.  So there is not just solid white back ground.  And the black lines are thin piece of Kraft paper painted Black...Interesting how things work's a process in learning...I'm hoping the students will enjoy too. This Thursday we will begin the process of creating our palette for our collage works.  

This piece was created for the class to, as an sample of where we could go with a style like Wassily Kandinsky.  Its called Living the Width of Life.  

And here's the little one I started as a demo in class last week...

Though Frank Lloyd Wright took simple shapes and repeated them I went way off on the other side and explored the simple shapes of the Blue Bells... I feeling a bit primitive but on a good note I explored it maybe went a bit to far...but crossing the three artist and my own style is bound to have some confusion.  Still I'm happy that I was able to get it to come together some what.  

Sunday, April 15, 2018

So when you wake up....

With a stock of blank surface....sitting and inspiration blooming under the surface like spring around us...I'm happy that I'm carrying around this little note/sketchbook, thingy. Using simple shapes to make some tiny birds on a wire...the repetitive shapes gets me every time..

Some inspiration from Walking in this World....

Thankful for Morning pages....They siphon off worry at the beginning of the day.
Worry is the imaginations negative step sister.
That was yesterday's....awareness

Today...Life is a Spiritual Dance, The next time you are restless, remind yourself it is the universe asking, " Shall we dance?" Julia Cameron.

As a rule of thumb,  fear is never groundless, There is almost always some grounding action we can take in response to our fears.  Julia Cameron.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Collage:Line and Simple Shape Class Student's work

 I showed the student's how to line up and fold the papers with a simple crease and then unfold and cut the folded lines so you have a magazine paper ready to glue down.

We are in the practice stage of this class,  Using inspiration for the three artist and copying them in our sketchbooks.  Getting a good feel for how they placed simple shapes and lines.  Allow in for the space between to be as important as the shapes themselves...gave a quick demo and this coming week we will start creating their own papers From found papers and drawing paper. The artist that we are inspired by in this class are Frank Lloyd Wright, Piet Mondrian, and Wassily Kandinsky,  I too am exploring these artist along with them.  Showing process work as it doesn't always work out the way you would and how can you fix it and continued exploration till you get to a place where you really start to understand. 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

New Rope

Later in the day, The husband and I were able to pull down the poles and add new rope.   A Clove Hitch knot is required.  For the four directions we walked around and pulled down the rope to a dog tie that will keep it pulled the canvas cover goes on....