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Sunday, March 18, 2018

LaGrange Art League Recap Day 2

Early into the morning a delivery person from the local flower shop came all the way up the stairs to present this lovely plant basket. There was a card but no signature of who sent it...???? I said to everyone it wasn't my husband...he does do things like that, instead he brings me things, like rolls of duck tape or little pine trees from a construction site...that would be torn down or crushed.  Which is so sweet because I'm that kind of gal that would plant it and find a place for the duck tape to be used. (good bohemian gal using what every was around to make some) So I was unsure of who sent it....all day long. 

 Stained tissue paper done with Golden's Fluid Acrylics makes for a nice transparent paper in what every color you like.

 Strings sandwiched between the sheets of white tissue paper to form a grid pattern and then stained.
Noreen showed us the paper she made with me along time ago, so Saturday morning we were making it too as I had a chance to go home and bring in the string.

 On the plastic and the way everything works out we will have some wonderful colored tissue paper to work with. The orange color this year is a big hit....and one of Susan's colors, along with turquoise.

The Brown Grocery bag is a place to work out, or work into some great directions with out any certain ideas. A place to explore the surface, and try something new.  The hard part is to go through an ugly layer and then learn about what you can do to fix it....and how that ugly layer will be come so important to your personal process. Sounds odd but you have to go through to really show how it is...Not that I'm teaching make ugly art but it's is process in life and art..."We just have to go through it, to really see the journey"  History in life and art is laid out in front of us. 

 Here is a row of Abstract Brown papers with gesso and acrylics and what ever finds it way to the surface....they will be cut up and torn apart in our last day and used in our collages.  Everyone's personality are showing and shining through...it's great!!

After my demo....then with fresh memories we went right in to three exercise of process. Using  the tack irons, image transfer, glazing medium, shadowing...then it was time to go home...we had used up all our creativity and need to come back fresh in the morning. New eyes and New ideas. 

So back to the Delivery at the beginning of the day....when I got to my car, I remember one of the gals suggesting that I could call the flower shop and they would be able to tell me who sent them.  So I sat in the car and did that on my cell phone.  The lady sounded like she didn't know what was going on....and asked me to wait.   So I waiting..right away thinking, Wow don't they know what their doing?   And after a while another lady came on and Said...."Laura,  it was your Husband that sent the flowers."  I was in shock...and overwhelmed with a flood of love.  My husband never sends me flower...he will buy them for me but not send them...she said maybe for St. Patties day...I said no....we are polish and bohemian...she laughed.   So I was just feeling very loved, and I told him I have never ever received flowers delivered to me..it was a first, thank you so much...he was all beaming with good pride...he had made his wife happy and filled with love. 

On to our last day together.....it's going to be a Kicker

Saturday, March 17, 2018

LaGrange Art League- Recap Day 1,

 The first day is always about making paper putting you personal touch on the papers, 

Laying plastic on the floors for the first two days is a must...just not enough room to put them on our tables. One of the main reason I like a studio space to have room...

 There was a good feeling being in the rooms of the LaGrange Art League...

The Large Grocery Bag is one of our sources of paper,   book pages, maps, drawing paper, tissue paper will be some of the different papers we will be using. Each paper has a different quality to them.  
 Because we are inside and on the second floor of a studio space we will not be going up and down the stair for any smelling stuff.  Magazines can have so many great resource for collage.  Sanding is what we are doing with stencils underneath and templates to recreated patterns on the surface and then we can add acrylics if we would to even alter them more.

 Susan sanding more magazines getting some great effects. 

What a peace of sand paper, stencils and some magazine can do.  

Friday, March 16, 2018

LaGrange Art League-Studio Room Ready Ground 0 into Day 1

the old wood floors....with splatters of paint and cracks that gather bits and piece from every class that enters. 

 Space around everyone will have plastic floor covering so we can place our collage papers down to dry...there will be palette made.

When I was setting this up I thought, Wow this room is small and then I comforted but the way it use to be when I was teaching here all the time...the many joyful faces that came to learn collage and play around with the papers surface...most have moved on to explore other art mediums and some like to keep coming back....they have turned into some great artists. 

I set the room up so people can get up and move around especially for the plastic floor covers and so they can see each other then the backs of each other heads...though there will be two in the middle. 

The studio space is on the second floor and it's been a while since I've climbed those stairs....after I was done I though I should go to Swallow Cliff - a steep 100 ft bluff with stairs to climb.  It use to be a toboggan hill when I was growing up...but I don't think I could make it but it was a good start on preparing for it...I think I had about 10 to 12 trips up to bring in supplies.  I packed lighter as I'm getting older and it puts some stress on my hips and knees.  All Good and Ready to Go. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Slipped in a artist date....

Next to American Science and Surplus....there is a paint story and I just had to take a picture of the window display....BiG Swatches of ColoR, Awesome right? 

And here I am on a March date with snow coming down...all the way home too.  But to walk this store of surplus is so great....My mind and eye's were at some points...stalled, just trying to read and take it all in...they have this great little explanation for things written on the product boxes that has you reading and looking.  REalLY TeSting my DyLexicA....I was exhausted on the ride home. 

A piece of my work Keen Eye was up for sale at the Paramount Grand Gallery and I took it down and changed out my work a few weeks ago and I had a women contact the gallery interested in the piece.  She lived out west more so I met her half way in Geneva.   Got their early and had Lunch by myself at Nosh's...Bowl of Tuscany soup and some toasted french bread and butter...of course I had to dip it in the soup too. Was a much need day to refill myself with images.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Paper for Collage-It's not that simple

Brown paper packing paper or your paper grocery bags-recycle them. Rumor is Collage artists were the first recyclers...so with that throw some Gesso on there and work your whole body spreading the gesso over the surface, building the thickness, strength of the paper. 

After putting on my acrylics to hopeful replicate a magazine page that was sanded. The situation was I need a large amount of this paper for the next four piece I'm needing to make. This is when the creative juice need to step up to the challenge..How do I do that? 
When the paper was dried I was able to crinkle it 

After I crinkle it I opened up and the high peaks will be where the sand paper hits and pulls away the top layer and I was hoping to see the gesso layer..... 

Happy to say it worked....I was so delighted, this will open up a few other doors later for papers I want to make. Wasn't sure it would work but this where you have to give a go and see if not it would still be paper I could use some where along the way. 

Lime Green and the blue...what a wonderful combination of color...throw in some raw sienna and black...look out. The Colors have me captivated. 

This paper was the paper under neath all other papers as I was creating...then I added a bit more of each color and a bit of white and there you go...littler value to add to any darker ones. It's made to be cut up...but sometime these kind of papers give way to a nice painted piece on it's own.